Me on my yacht..

Shopping and snowboarding tomorrow.. #randomdates

Why do i always have to wake up to this..

Breach at xoyo, last night was actually really good!

Hello saaaailaaπŸŠπŸšΏβ›΅

Soo i miss this already!

Bye beautiful place 😘

Milk bottle girlfriend

Boat 🚣

Who ever owns this hotel must be minted, been here 4 days and haven’t seen it all yet, absolute jungle

Day 4: the break up #cbatomovethesunlounger

Watching a bruce springsteen cover man in the hotel with the moody one. So much vodka. 🏊


So taking girls to the cinema is so last year, taking them to a double sun lounger by the pool with dirty dancing playing on a projector, unlimited popcorn and alcohol is clearly the now.